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Dental Health Scheme – 30% off professional dental cleaning (grade 1) & 10% off dental procedures (grade 2-4). *conditions apply

With 80% of dogs and cats over 3 years suffering from dental disease, it’s important we pay special attention to dental health. Preventative care can mean special diets , special chews, additives and brushing. It can also mean regular professional prophylactic cleaning (for grade 1 disease) or more involved dental procedures (for grade 2-4 disease).

Dental disease in our pets is so prevalent that at Malvern Vet we are committing to help you keep your pets mouth healthy and pain free for life. To have your pets mouth assessed (and graded) you can book in for a FREE dental health assessment here.


Refer a Friend and Receive a Free Gift

As a thank-you for letting your friends and family know about Malvern Vet, you can choose to add a $30 credit to your account or receive a gift pack full of goodies for your dog or cat.

In addition, every new referred client receives a free bag of pet food (up to 3.85kg – as recommended by the vet specifically for their pet)!

To qualify, your friend has to book in at least one appointment with us. You’ll then receive a link where you can enter your details into a referral form.

Quarterly flea/worm treatment mailouts

Select from bravecto (chews or spoton), milbemax or profender for your pets flea and worm prevention to be mailed out to you when it’s due!

For more information on this offer, please go to our Worming and Flea Treatment Delivery page.


Free Malvern Vet dog leads

We almost always have these in stock. If you ask us for one we will ask “what colour?”.

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